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School of Science and Engineering


Pre-Professional Pathways

Pre-professional pathways are educational plans for students who wish to pursue graduate study for these professions.


Jim McCargar, Founding Dean, School of Science and Engineering
(440) 826-2313,

Biology & Geology Department

Karen Munroe, Chair
(440) 826-8562,

Chemistry Department

Diana Barko, Chair
(440) 826-2489,

Computer Science Department

Andrew Watkins, Chair
(440) 826-2396,

Engineering Department

Jennifer Kadlowec, Chair
(440) 826-2421,

Mathematics and Statistics Department

Brent Strunk, Chair
(440) 826-5944,

Neuroscience Department

Clare Mathes, Chair
(440) 826-2028,

Physics & Astronomy Department

Peter Hoekje, Chair
(440) 826-2494,